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Occupational Monitoring Services

Creating Safe Workplaces: Meeting Regulations

As an employer, it is necessary to ensure that a safe work environment is provided for all employees, while complying with local and international regulations which impose limits to protect workers (termed occupational exposure limits).

Ecotox Environmental Services Limited (ECOTOX)provides occupational monitoring, which is fundamental as the workplace air, temperature, noise and vibrations could become hazards to people’s health.

We Provide Occupational Monitoring Services to assist Managers and Stateholders to ensure informed decisions are made to ensure safe conditions. These include:

Indoor Air Quality – This can encompass a combinations of the following deoending on the symptoms related and industry involoved: 

a. Biological – Mold Indoor Air Quaility – 

  • Bioaerosol Sampling of Mold in Air 
  • Passive Sampling of Mold in Air
  • Swab Sampling for Mold 

b. Chemical – Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality for Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone, Volatile Organic Carbons and Specific Pollutants (eg Benzene)

c. Particulates ( Non-Biological) – Monitoring of Indoor Air Quailty for Dust/Particulate Matter of the following –

  • PM1,4 and PM2.5-respirable dust particles (less than 10 microns in diameter)
  • PM10- thoracic dust particles are under 25 microns; in diameter
  • Total Suspended Particulates.

Heat Stress                       

ECOTOX Occupational Monitoring Scope also includes assessing a worker’s thermal comfort by measuring an occupant’s satisfaction which, in turn, can directly affect concentration and productivity. Common measurable characteristics of comfort include temperature, humidity, air velocity (draft), ventilation, vibration, noise and light.

Noise Exposure

Noise monitoring surveys are conducted using personal noise dosimeters and assessment of noise reduction ratings, to ensure that hearing protection devices provide the required noise attenuation, thus adequate protection for employees working in noisy areas.   

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