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Consultancy & Speciality Projects

Affordable project-based services.

Since 2001, ECOTOX has offered complimentary testing and consultancy services, catering to local and regional businesses through project-based procurement, leveraging our extensive network.

  • Customized Laboratory Solutions for non-routine environmental and process challenges.
  • Due Diligence and Environmental Site Assessment – Phase I, II and III.
  • EMA Regulatory Compliance Monitoring.
  • STOW GAP Analysis.
  • Structured Hazard Exposure Surveys.
  • Geotechnical, Specialized Soil Sampling and Piezometers.
  • Environmental Baseline Surveys – ALL Data Collection.
  • Bioremediation and Remediation of Contaminated Sites.
  • Solid Waste and Wastewater Management Strategies.
  • Certificates of Environmental Clearance (CEC) Application.
  • Environmental Regulations and Policies.
  • Marine, Terrestrial and Wetlands Ecological Surveys.
  • Toxicity Testing – Monitoring, Assessment and Interpretation.
  • Lab Management and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP’s).

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